Innovation Buy-In that lasts beyond the Quarter

BOSTON, MA, Nov 6, 2013 — Harvard Business Review piece by New Media Insight, LLC on how to use Mission Analysis to successfully plan and execute new ventures.


You’ve prepared a business plan for a promising new entrepreneurial venture. You’ve got funding and the blessing of your CEO and Board to go ahead with this high-profile “experiment”. Your venture could be a growth engine for your corporation’s otherwise large but slow and steady core business.

Then you start worrying.

Even though there is a three-year execution horizon, they expect results in the first year. In fact, given the risk-averse culture of the organization and the tough market environment, you suspect they will likely re-evaluate within six months. So, realistically, you have to show progress before the mid-year cost cutting exercise. And even though you have been assured that your business will be treated differently since it is “like a start-up”, you have a lingering feeling that your business may be targeted before it can really demonstrate traction.

What can you do?

Here’s where Mission Analysis can help.


See full piece at: Harvard Business Review – Getting Buy-In for Innovation that doesn’t Fade


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