How sensors and software are solving the world’s greatest challenges

Boston, MA,  March 11th, 2020 – Harvard Digital Initiative article by New Media Insight, LLC highlighting the advances in sensors and software which allow us to solve bigger, and more impactful global problems.


Invisible sensors that detect what you see — the stuff of sci-fi fantasy films — has become a reality. Research institutions across the globe are being funded by industrial sponsors in order to understand emerging technologies that can create greater advances in efficiency, health, and safety. Innovations have been developed and tested across several industries. In France, scientists were able to embed sensors near a paralyzed man’s brain and connect signals generated from his thoughts to an exoskeleton, thereby allowing him to walk. California-based Mojo Vision is testing an augmented reality contact lens with microdisplays, wireless radios, image sensors, and motion sensors that seamlessly fuse digital information onto the real world, allowing wearers to perform critical tasks without holding devices or looking at screens.


Read the full article in Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative:

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