Capturing the Value of AI Content

Boston, MA,  May 1st, 2018 – Harvard Business School Digital Initiative article by New Media Insight, LLC highlighting the 4 key factors to capture AI’s value in content operations.


Artificial Intelligence is increasingly being deployed in content-related operations such as translation and transcription. Capturing value will depend on four key factors.


In an episode of “Black Mirror”, the hugely popular futuristic television series, soldiers searching for enemies wear a small device with a flashing blue light. When a witness gives information, this Instant Translatordetects the language being spoken (Danish) and translates it into English for the soldier – without any time lag. A fluent conversation takes place between two people, seamlessly facilitated by Machine Translation (MT).  Artificial Intelligence at its finest.

We’re not there yet in 2018…but then again, we’re not far off.


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