Are You Prepared For Your Next Security Breach?

BOSTON, MA, October 20, 2016 — RANE Commentary article by New Media Insight, LLC discussing the Top Security Concerns that organizations should be monitoring over the next 2-year period.


From data breaches to supply chain integrity, financial fraud to natural disasters, terrorism to corporate litigation – even the most seasoned executives and managers are finding it increasingly difficult to anticipate, prioritize and respond to threats to their organizations. These risks are no longer isolated by location or industry, and they evolve with lightning speed.

As an executive, you should be asking yourself questions such as: What are the current and new risks I should be aware of? What will their impact be to my organization? And how prepared am I to tackle them?

We realized that many senior managers struggle with even the first question above. So we partnered with New York University’s Center for Global Affairs to develop a study which harnessed the collective intelligence of 118 Risk and Security specialists across the globe from the RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange) network of 1,400+ experts.


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